Does it hurt?

Well, yes, we're afraid it does, but this is part of the experience – no pain, no gain!

Where does it hurt the most?

It depends on many different factors – where on your body you're having the tattoo, how you’re feeling that day, what sort of skin you have, your age etc. You could have a tattoo on one day and the pain isn't too bad, and then go back in a week to have colour added to the same place, and it hurts three times more.

Is aftercare important?


It's not only important, it's the most important thing, if you want to make sure you end up with a tattoo you can be proud of.  We can do our best for you on the day, but you must take responsibility for the aftercare.  We always say to read and follow the instructions in our aftercare leaflet.  And remember, less is more so avoid strong creams, swimming in chlorinated pools and random concoctions recommended by your mate!

Is it supposed to do that when it heals?

How your skin heals has a lot to do with the aftercare, but also your lifestyle plays a big part in how well your skin heals.  Look after yourself, and your tattoo will be cared for too!

Why do tattoos fade? ​​

Tattoo needles deposit ink beneath the epidermis level of the skin. This is deep enough that the ink won’t be immediately shed with the skin cells of the upper layers, but cells from your immune system will gradually absorb the ink and disperse it.  The UV frequencies in sunlight break down the ink molecules over time, so tattoos that are always exposed fade quicker than those covered by clothing.

Likewise, if you get a tattoo in an area that commonly rubs against anything else (like clothing for example) it will generally fade at a faster rate.

Can I stop my tattoo fading?

The healing and aftercare stage of your tattoo is immensely important when it comes to your tattoo fading. For the first couple of weeks, the tattoo ink will not be correctly set, and therefore you should care for the ink as best as you can.


Also, over the course of the first couple of weeks, your tattoo will go through stages where it scabs and peels. The scabbing and peeling skin will look like it’s ready to come off, but while it’s still attached, it still has the ability to affect the ink if it’s accidentally pulled at or ripped off.   You can make sure it's the best it can be as long as you look out after it.

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